what is your GORF … a simple test to determine if you are a responsible (or reckless) gun owner

It used to be pretty easy to differentiate between normal gun owners and dangerous nut cases. But over the last few years it seems that some shifts have occurred, and now it is difficult to distinguish between responsible gun owners and reckless gun owners.

Being able to distinguish between these two groups has important implications in our society. Back in the old days we simply estranged the nut cases. But now it is hard to determine who needs to be estranged from our Mayberry-society.

So I devised a simple equation to help you figure out who is who … the GORF equation.

GORF is an acronym for “Gun-Owner Responsibility Factor”. I am leaving the equation in a simple form, though I should really re-work it to normalize its output, maybe using 0 or 1 as the benchmark value. But as it stands, the benchmark value is 3.5 (I’ll explain in a moment).

Here’s my new equation:
GORF = udRGH ÷ ud2AR
udRGH is the amount of time u discuss Responsible Gun Handling,
ud2AR is the amount of time u discuss 2nd Amendment Rights.

A good GORF value is 3.5 … If a person’s GORF value is less than 3.5 then that means that that person is reckless, and a danger to civil society; but above 3.5 means that that person is responsible and safe.


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