Who spiked the simple man’s koolaid

Today, while listening to Charlie Daniel’s Simple Man, I noticed something. That song identifies a classic pattern: good honest workers usually revolt against

  • A) crooked politicians,
  • B) over-reaching capitalists, and
  • C) society-destroying criminals

But today it seems that they are only revolting against Obama and Democrat-politicians … so why is the pattern different?


Here’s my theory: With the implementation of trickle-down policies in the 80’s, and then NAFTA in the early 90’s, the American economic environment began to heavily favor the tycoon-capitalists over the common working men (tycoon-capitalists are not the same as mom-and-pop-capitalists) .

Historically, in these types of environments two phases follow:

  • 1 – society splits into an aristocratic class and a peasant class,
  • 2 – then the peasant class (usually a combination of the Working Class, who power the revolt, and the Intellectual Class, who steer the revolt) collectively rises against the aristocratic class (usually a combination of the Politicians and the Wealthy).


And because this pattern is so identifiable, any political historian back in 1990 could have predicted what would happen if America started to shift towards an aristocrat-peasant society: that within 2-3 decades the common man was going to revolt … So those 1990-era tycoon-capitalists began to embark on a plan to prevent the inevitable revolt …

… they developed a propaganda machine to manipulate the fate.

(At this point it is important to recognize that partnerships between the Working and Intellectual classes make for strange bedfellows … the tycoon-capitalists will identify and exploit this!)


They decide that they need to get control of the Working Class before the forecast revolt will begin one day, and, most importantly, before the Working Class partners with its old ally-in-revolt, the Intellectual Class. And so were born FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, those are Mayberry-Americans gettin dancing when they should be paying attention.

Rush Limbaugh and FOX News, the voices of the tycoon-capitalists’ propaganda machine, would be used to:

  • 1 – gain the trust of the Working Class,
  • 2 – direct them against the Intellectual Class.

And so once the revolt would finally happen (as history predicts), the Working Class would NOT go after the power class, but rather would go after their historical ally, the intellectuals. And this is the polarization that we have today.


Some will argue that the tycoon-capitalists would not do this because in deflating the lower and middle classes, they would be shooting themselves in the foot by effectively impoverishing their consumer base. But that is only in a closed society where they necessarily need the American consumer. But America is in a global marketplace, and America’s 200 million potential consumers is small in comparison to the worlds roughly 3 billion in developed and developing countries.


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