Justifying Lynching

It has really been a phenomenal 4 years. Over and over again the republicans/FOX Country/conservatives have relentlessly blamed Obama for everything, and when there was nothing to blame him for, they created a mountain out of some irrelevant mole hill and then blamed him for that. But their real guilt comes in their guise to justify the blame.


One response

  1. You want to know the biggest racist of all time is? Your President. He has done nothing but divide this country. I didn’t see Obama calling the children of Sandy Hook as saying if he had a child, they would look like this? He is half white and he is responsible for what is going on in the killing of millions of children overseas. Brown Children? Yellow Children? Obama is starving the korea children to death. He is tring to take away our bill of rights, one by one. I am so sick of blacks screaming about it all being racist. Look it up in the dictionary. Whites are descrimnated against by blacks because of the color of their skin. He is having white people demonized, called terrorists and we havn’t done any of the terroristic things the government and the news media is first to blame radical whites. And it has always been people of middle eastern decent,Saudi Arabia or black. But!, you can’t descriminate against people of color and check them out without screaming racism or some such shit. And our government is right up in the middle of it.

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