Hybrid Economics – the balance between capitalism and socialism

If you are an extreme capitalist, you’re probably wrong.
If you are an extreme socialist, you’re probably wrong.

The right answer lies somewhere in between these two extremes. A healthy society tries to find the right balance.

Consider my widget company:
In an extreme capitalism I can hire thieves to take my competitor’s truck fleet at night when he’s sleeping, or maybe just murder him outright to increase my profits.
In an extreme socialism the government can tell me that they don’t approve of my widget business, or require me to operate my business according to their instructions.

The right answer is to be able to pursue my own ideas the way that I want, but within the limits of civility (which should be defined by a democratic mechanism).


One response

  1. Most indicators about happiness and human development tell that the top socialist countries are the best place to live: Scandinavian countries, Germany, Japan…

    Meanwhile, 1 out of 3 Americans is not poor or near poor.

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