Do wal-mart shoppers take responsibility for their own actions

I’m frustrated at all of the finger pointing by the blue collar Republicans that shop at wal-mart. They are on the blame-obama bandwagon, unwilling to consider their own role (and mine – I go to wal-mart too) in creating this mess. With each purchase of unnaturally cheap foreign imports, a few pennies is transferred from our country to theirs. And as this trickle-out process continues, American factories close since their own output is no longer needed.

maybe I should change some of the colors

If, on the other hand, we had Fair Trade Relationships with these other countries, then purchasing these imports would not be a problem, as undoubtedly there would be a near-equal value of imports and exports.

2 responses

  1. Haha! No Walmart here in Australia but I hear what you are saying – funny to see how many people are up in arms about the current economical situation who then go shopping at the mall after a moan – go figure 🙂

  2. Right. It can be challenging to do the right thing all the time but we must always keep in mind that every purchase we make shapes the world we live in.

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