Why do we have freedom of speech?

I am saddened by how often I hear people say, ‘..but I’ve got freedom of speech rights to say this or that‘ in situations that are just completely outside the scope of the spirit of ‘freedom of speech’.

For me I often use a simple example to help me keep track of what the framers had in mind when they granted us this powerful right..

Imagine a king … and imagine the peasants living throughout the surrounding farmlands and hills.

Now, imagine three peasant women: Amy, Beth and Stacy.

Amy and Beth are together, weaving baskets; Stacy is somewhere else.

SCENARIO A – Amy says to Beth, “Stacy is a slut.”
SCENARIO B – Amy says to Beth, “I do not agree with the king’s tax policy.”

Think about these two scenarios and ask yourself, “why did the Framers grant us Freedom of Speech?” For instance, would the king care about Scenario A? Would the king care about Scenario B?

One response

  1. Did free speech help us to gain anything, to make the world a better place or is it just an illusion that we can change the world because we can complain?

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